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Addiction is Poorly Understood by Many Doctors (Gasp!)

Misperceptions about opioid dependence, including how to screen for and treat the disorder, continue to persist for the public and for many clinicians. Almost half of the adult public and a third of primary care physicians surveyed said they believe that opioid dependence “is more of a psychological problem,” such as a lifestyle choice, than a chronic physical illness. In addition, 35% of the clinicians admitted that they do not know much about opioid dependence; 66% said they feel that a low level of education is a likely cause of the disorder; and 57% said that low income was a likely cause. Read the article.

TnSAM President Discusses Addiction Issues With Senator Bob Corker’s Staff

Dr. John Standridge had the opportunity June 21, 2013, to speak with Senator Bob Corker’s staff via a conference call. Among the participants was Jenifer Healy, Senator Corker’s DC staff member for medical issues. The following are the topics discussed, with a focus on neonatal abstinence syndrome babies. This outline of bulleted topics and talking points was also emailed to Senator Corker’s staff as a review and to facilitate presenting the topics to the senator. We hope to have far more encounters with key legislators in the future as TnSAM gains recognition as the voice for addiction medicine in Tennessee. Continue reading

Obama Administration Releases 2013 National Drug Policy Strategy

Gil Kerlikowske, Director of National Drug Control Policy, released the 2013 National Drug Control Strategy, the Obama Administration’s primary blueprint for drug policy in the United States. ASAM issued a press release supporting the science-based reform policies of the plan. The policy contains over 100 specific actions to reduce drug use and its consequences and expand prevention, treatment, and alternatives to incarceration.